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Client Guidelines

In order to conduct a complete, thorough and untainted paranormal investigation, it is very important that these few but very important guidelines be followed and adhered to by the client(s).

1.  It is not necessary for the client to be present at the location being investigated; however, if the "client(s)" wish/es to be present at the investigation location, no more than two adults, unless prior arrangements have been made, are allowed with us.

2. In order to have an uninterrupted investigation, We ask that no persons other than the client(s) be present at the location of the investigation. This will eliminate the possibility of unnecessary noise from other people corrupting any/all audio recordings.

3. Accommodations for pets and children under the age of 18 must be made prior to the investigation as they should not be present at the investigation location for audio corruption and safety reasons.

4. We will ask that all air conditioners, heaters, ceiling fans, televisions, radios and any other noise/dust producing apparatuses be turned off 1 hour prior to the the investigation.

5. Please, no smoking in the investigation location prior to our arrival. If needed, please smoke away from the investigation area.

6. Please allow enough time for the investigation to be completed. Paranormal activity can happen at any time, day or night and there are variables to consider in how long an investigation can take. Usually, per investigation, it may take from 4 to 12 hours, or in extreme cases, up to 48 hours to collect evidence for analysis, and up to four weeks to thoroughly analyze all video, audio and still pictures. Other circumstances have prolonged some investigations for days, weeks and even months depending on the amount and nature of activity.

7. If the recorded activity merits a follow up investigation, we will contact the client(s) and make arrangements to do so at the clients' convenience (with respect to prevailing circumstances).

Please remember, we do not charge for our investigation services. We conduct technological research and investigate reported paranormal activity. Through the investigation process, we record, log and analyze any and all recorded possible paranormal activity in an attempt to validate and document what the client has reported to have witnessed.