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What To Expect

K&P Paranormal Investigations is committed to respecting client privacy as well as client property, and will conduct all business in a professional, discreet and respectful manner.

Upon receiving an investigation request, the client will be contacted and an appointment will be made for a preliminary interview. If the client wishes, an interview can be conducted over the telephone to assess the reported activity. Research of the client's property will be conducted to establish if any history has been recorded that may correspond to what the client is experiencing.

Upon arrival to the client's location, the client is briefed on what will be taking place during the investigation. Equipment such as video cameras, audio recorders etc. will be set up in accordance to the location of the reported activity. EMF and temperature base line readings throughout the property are taken and recorded. Any questionable areas of high EMF readings or temperature variations are inspected to determine the cause and recorded as not to interfere with the ongoing investigation. 

The time devoted to any paranormal investigation varies from location to location. Depending on the location of the client's property as well as the type of activity present, it is very difficult to determine how long the initial investigation will take.

Upon completion of the investigation, K&P Paranormal Investigations will analyze all video, audio and photographic evidence gathered at the location and will contact the client, usually within a week, to set up a meeting to present and discuss what evidence was found. If evidence collected requires further investigation, a follow up investigation will be scheduled and investigative adjustments made accordingly. This is all in accordance to the evidence gathered from the first investigation.